Who Got The National Award In Thewa Jewellery?

National award in Thewa jewellery

The national award in Thewa Jewellery was won by Mr. Sunil Soni by Smt. Smriti Irani. Since then they have launched a Thewa store that allows you to purchase the best Thewa Jewellery. 

Here we have mentioned some of the details related to what you will find in their store and what this post holds for you-

Collection In Our Store

In Thewa.In you can find some unique sets of Thewa Jewellery that include-

Thewa Necklace

Thewa Necklace

We have some of the best Thewa necklace designs in our store that enhance your appearance. The necklaces can be styled on various occasions such as a kitty party, wedding, reception, and more. All Thewa necklaces are designed by our craftsmen that belong to Pratapgarh and Jaipur. 

Thewa Earrings

Thewa Earrings

If you are looking for Thewa earrings then too you can get them from our Thewa.In store. Here we have various styles of Thewa earrings such as polka dot Thewa earrings, kundan earrings, wedding earrings, and so on. 

Things To Look For Before Buying A Thewa Jewellery

Here are the top 3 things that you should have a look at before you buy Thewa jewellery-

  • The quality of gold- Thewa jewellery is usually made from 23-karat gold, thus you should make sure that the jewellery you are paying for contains the same. However, if you purchase the same from Thewa.In then be assured we deliver the best quality of 23-karat gold. 
  • The craftsmanship- Original Thewa jewellery originated from Pratpgarh, Rajasthan thus you should ensure that the Thewa Jewellery that you are buying from must have craftsmen from Pratpgarh just like Thewa.In has. 
  • Jewellery design- Thewa jewellery comes in various designs such as Kundan, polka dot, and more. Thus before you buy try and test other articles as well. 


We hope that through this post you got to know that the national award in Thewa jewellery was achieved by Sunil Soni who has a Thewa commerce store. Here we have listed all the information related to their store and some crucial points that you must consider before buying Thewa Jewellery. 

To purchase the best Thewa Jewellery you can reach out to our store Thewa.In and get your Thewa jewellery. We deliver globally and can even create custom Thewa Jewellery for you. 

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