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Whether you are looking for a statement piece or subtle art, our store has got everything covered for you. We provide the best Thewa Jewellery across the globe which can be designed for any look ranging from bridal to modern.

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We provide guaranteed and insured parcel delivery all across the globe. We have currently delivered to clients across the globe and the reviews gained from them were exceptional.

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In our Thewa store, you would find handcrafted Jewellery, polka dot Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery,Wedding jewellery and more which can be styled as per your liking, We also have men's accessories available in our Thewa store.

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All the transactions on our platform will be secure and encrypted as we prioritize your security by using the best service providers.

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National Award Winner In Thewa

Sunil Jewelers is an Indian craftsman that is specialized in the traditional art of Thewa. We have received various rewards and recognitions from the government that recognized our craftsmanship, quality, designs, and for other various milestones achieved.



This 400 year old tradition of fusing 23K gold with molten glass is pleasing the senses and minds of people as the tically. This Beauteous art evolved in the Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan, the state of Rajas’s and Maharaja’s. The fusing of gold with glass is gracefully done and the art has remained guarded secret among the family and is acquired and protected by the family from generation to generation.

Although the process is very detailed and intricate, the artisans finish this very delightfully. This unique form of art is elegantly handcrafted Jewellery and they come up with the Sophasticated Designs. The stories are so beautifully replicated in the form of art that will always turn heads. The breathtaking look of this Jewellery is so skillfully done that it meet modern attitudes as well as ethinic charm with the range of these elegant jewellery.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote Thewa Jewellery across the globe and help Thewa craftsmen to grow at a quick pace. We also have the vision to provide the topmost quality products to our customers so that the Thewa culture does not fade away.


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