Types Of Thewa Jewellery In 2023

Types of Thewa Jewellery

Planning to buy Thewa Jewellery but, confused about exactly what type of Thewa jewellery to choose from? In this blog, we will be mentioning just 2 types of Jewellery that will make your decision-making skills more efficient. 

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History Of Thewa Jewellery

Thewa originated in the Rajput era and is known for its handicraft design. The design was first invented by Nathu ji Soni in 1767 and since then it is been transferred from father to son. 

Thewa is the art of creating jewellery that includes beating 23-carat gold into a very thin sheet and then combining it with glass pieces. The beaten gold sheet is often known as “Thewa Ki Patti”.

Thewa jewellery can be designed for various functions such as weddings, fashion shows, and more. Moreover, the jewellery consists of a Thewa necklace and Thewa earrings which can be worn across any function. 

Types Of Thewa Jewellery

Thewa Earrings

There are major 2 types of Thewa Jewellery available that we have mentioned below-

Kundan Jewellery

kundan jewellery

Kundan Thewa jewellery is a form of jewellery that is made with the use of 24-carat gold, glasses, and wax. It is one of the most ancient forms of jewellery design that is still in high demand and can be worn on any function or dress. 

Polki Jewellery

polki jewellery

Polki Thewa jewellery consists of diamonds in its more purest form. This means the diamond does not go through any stage of processing which other diamonds go to get a shape and look. Polki Thewa jewellery ensures that the diamonds are used in the purest form without any chemical or physical treatment. 


In the end, we hope that through this post you were able to know the different types of Thewa jewellery available in the market. Here we have also mentioned some stats and historical information related to Thewa jewellery. 

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