A Store Where Craftsmanship Meets Elegance

Thewa.In is a leading ecommerce platform from where you can purchase the best quality and designed Thewa Jewellery. Our craftsmen are from Pratpgarh, Rajasthan, and have high knowledge and experience in designing and crafting Thewa accessories.

Now you might be thinking what Thewa Jewellery is? So it is basically a form of Jewellery art that originated in Rajasthan, India almost 400 years ago. Shri Sunil Soni is keeping the Thewa legacy alive by crafting the most eye-catching Jewellery design you could ever see.


Thewa Jewellery: A Reflection Of Rich Indian Heritage

To keep the Thewa heritage alive, we made this ecommerce platform that allows customers from all around the globe to purchase products from our store. Our vision is to promote Thewa Jewellery across the globe, support the art community and provide custom-made Jewellery to our customers.


What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

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